“Ever since I started my subscription with Miracle Fortress, I felt more empowered as a woman. I felt more invincible instead of being vulnerable to bullying like before. The times I spent depressed also lessened and I learned how to channel my energy only into positive things. This improved not only my life but my relationship with other people. I became happier and I can never be better.”

“Miracle Fortress is exactly that – a miracle. They give you light when you needed it the most.”

“I thought life was over when my husband left me for another. I’ve become emotionally depressed and I developed anxiety that I cannot overcome without the help of strong sedatives. Whenever I am not drugged enough, I get drunk. That’s the only way I managed to live every day. But one day while stalking my ex in Facebook, I saw my friend posted something about Miracle Fortress. It was about overcoming an abusive relationship. I became inspired by some stories there and decided to reach out to them. Coach Flynn talked to me. I don’t usually share my problems with other people but I was encouraged by his honest smile. And that is where our story started.

Now, not only I managed to overcome the failure of my previous marriage with an open heart, I was also able to open my life again to another. I am happily married now to my husband Philip, and we have been blessed by two beautiful kids. I learned through Miracle Fortress that there is always a silver lining that you can trust.”

“Miracle Fortress gives me inspiration every day. The stories I read here give me the courage that I can do things no matter what.”

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