Was I the Wave?

Hi everyone. So there’s a new Miracle Fortress record. It’s called Was I the Wave? and it will be available here as of April 26th. (Stores in Canada will have it on the same day; the USA will have it on May 17th). In some ways it’s drastically different than Five Roses, for those of you familiar with the first record. In other ways, it’s rather similar. Like Five Roses, Graham served as composer, arranger, performer, producer, and engineer.  He spent a lot of time holed up in various cramped spaces in Montreal (and the occasional hotel on the road) working out themes of  alienation and anonymity, intimacy and domesticity. The record’s first side keeps a deliberately crowded atmosphere, with moments of pressure, anxiety, and relief.  The second side is more open and personal, as the production offers breathing room while the lyrics aspire to a more direct narrative.

The album is available as an LP, CD and in various high quality digital formats. It’s available for pre-order now from our new store, along with the existing Miracle Fortress catalog. There’s a single we’re giving away, “Raw Spectacle,” which is yours for an email address, or if you’re a bit more stingy and resourceful, even less. If you pre-order the album we’ll send you the single and a remix of it by Pantha du Prince, tout-de-suite.

Graham will be touring a bunch in support of the record, starting with a cross-Canada leg in May whose details are up in the shows section. More will announced in the coming weeks, as well. The new live show finds a middle ground between the early one-man band performances, and the full band get setup that grew out of the Five Roses tours. (And a big thank you to all the people who contributed to that band from 2007-2009: Jordan Robson-Cramer, Jessie Stein, Adam Waito, Nathan Ward, Caila Thompson-Hannant). Greg Napier from Think About Life will be helping Graham bring these new songs to the dancefloor.

We hope you join us, even if it’s just you alone in your bedroom with a set of headphones. Enjoy.

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