A Hot Encounter231

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
A Hot Encounter231

It had been at least week since my last fuck. I was hitting my favorite club hoping to find myself a /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy and some firm breasts to play with. Inside my attention was immediately drawn to a stunning young filly wearing a tight aqua blue /latex/">latex dress and sexy heels with straps that climbed up to mid-calf (myfavorite!). Her breasts were straining at the fabric and it was easy to tell she wasn’t wearing a bra. My mind wondered whether she was equally lacking in panties. She was swaying to the music in what looked like a group of 3 or 4, a couple of guys plus another woman in a suit and thick glasses. She was ignoring them completely, lost in the music. Plenty of guys (and girls) were eyeing her but she only paid them scant attention. She looked incredibly hot ’ this was an opportunity too good to pass up. 

I moved through the dancing crowd until I was just outside her circle then I concentrated on making eye contact. I managed it a few times, first keeping my expression neutral, and then venturing a half smile. I was rewarded by her own smile in return ’ it lit up the room, she was absolutely /gorgeous/">gorgeous! I kept it up for a couple more minutes, encouraged by her responses then, emboldened, I made my move. I danced towards her, my eyes on hers. She knew I was coming and she was turning to face me, then we were swaying together and I knew I was in. We danced for a while then we moved to the bar where she introduced herself as Sheena. I bought her a drink and we exchanged pleasantries. I commented that I loved her outfit and that I thought she was incredibly sexy and gorgeous. She laughed and thanked me. We exchanged some small talk and I made sure I was attentive towards her, listening intently, refreshing her drink and taking every opportunity to brush up against her taut body. Finally, just as I was wondering where to next, she leaned towards me saying, ’How about we ditch this place and head back to my apartment? My pussy is dripping wet and I need you to lick it for me.’ I stayed cool as I murmured my assent but my cock was bursting. I couldn’t believe it! 

We were barely through the door when she turned and her mouth was on mine. We kissed deeply, our tongues intermingling. My hands were savouring her body, running over her latex encased torso and her bare arms, moving up to cup her angelic face. She moaned as our lips broke contact. Her hand went to my cock and she let out a little gasp as she felt its hardness through my jeans. She smiled and stepped back, ’I want you to strip ’ I’ve been looking at your hard body all night and I want to see your cock’. I was happy to oblige. I stepped back and peeled off my top first. My pants followed quickly then I slipped my briefs down over my bulging cock. I enjoyed watching her eye my cock as it immediately sprang to attention. She knew she was in for a good fucking! ’Now stroke it’, she said. My hand pumped my cock slowly as she turned, showing her body to me first as a taster. The she backed up to me and I undid her zip. She turned back to face me then reached up to pull the straps of her dress off her shoulders. Here arms stretched over her head and she told me to pull the top of her dress down. Her breasts popped free, nipples hard as rock. They were perfect, ripe for sucking. She wouldn’t let me though. Again, she stepped back and she was shuffling the dress over her hips, then she was turning, bending over and sliding her dress down past her knees. Her /pussy/ass-pussy/ass-and-pussy/">ass and pussy beckoned to me, the latter glistening with juices. ’Like what you see?’ she enquired, knowing I was loving the view. Dress now lying on the floor, she turned to face me and I drank in her beauty ’ golden skin, face of an angel, perfect breasts and gorgeous fully shaved pussy. I moved to lick her pussy but she was around in a flash, pushing me back onto the bed, ’Not yet handsome, I want your cock in my mouth’. She took my cock in her hands and pumped it, then teased me, running her tongue over the head. Suddenly, she was sucking it whole, taking it deep throat. I was taking it easy, watching her naked body writhe as her head bobbed up and down on my cock and her hand frigged her pussy. After a few minutes I could feel my orgasm brewing. ’Stop, I’m going to cum’. She raised her head briefly, ’/mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-my-mouth/">cum in my mouth honey, I want to taste your juices. Don’t worry, you’ll get your chance to fuck me. Come on, give it to me.’ At this, my cock twitched and I knew I was going to blow. I groaned as my cock exploded in her mouth. She sucked and pumped, milking my cock for all it was worth. I was so turned on my cock stayed semi-hard and I knew she was impressed. 

This time she wasn’t getting away. She squealed as I grabbed her and pinned her on her back on the bed. I kissed her on the mouth, roughly this time, tasting my cum on her tongue. My cock was raging again but I wanted something else first. Still holding her arms down I started kissing down her body, gentle butterfly kisses guaranteed to drive her /crazy/">crazy. She was putting up a pretence of struggling but I held her firmly, taking control. I finally worked past her belly button and she knew what was coming. I released her arms and she made no move to get away. My hands spread her legs and I began kissing and nibbling around her pussy and inner thighs. I was kneeling before her now bokep sma pecah perawan and was able to trail kisses up to behind her knee and her /feet/">feet. It was having the desired effect. She was going crazy with desire and pleading with me to touch her pussy. I was avoiding it deliberately, enjoying her moans and pleas, driving her wild. Finally when I thought she couldn’t take anymore, I lowered my mouth and drove my tongue into her pussy while fingering her clit. The effect was instantaneous as she erupted into orgasm, squealing with pleasure as her cum juices flowed freely. I lapped at her, nibbling at her clit, listening to her moans of pleasure. Then I was lifting her up and /hole/ass-hole/licking-her-asshole/">licking her asshole, which was coated with her pussy juices. Again, her breathing quickened and I knew my attention to her ass was pushing her over the brink again. Just when I thought she was about to cum I eased my finger deep into her ass. It slipped in easily and I slid it in and out as my mouth returned to her clit. Again, she exploded in orgasm and her hands grabbed my head and ground my face into her pussy. 

We both came up for air to take a breather. She was eyeing my cock hungrily and I knew the night wasn’t over yet. ’My pussy is aching for you. I want your cock inside me!’ She was up now, grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the bathroom. Inside it was mirrored on three sides and everywhere I looked her firm breasts and /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy beckoned me. She stood against the vanity, lifting her leg up to the side of the bath, exposing and spreading her wet pussy for me. I stood before her and we kissed while the tip of my cock brushed against her clit, dipping into her wetness, teasing her. She grabbed my cock and guided me to the entrance of her pussy. I teased her some more but then I couldn’t hold back any longer. I thrust inside, her tightness pulling me in and squeezing my cock in a most delicious fashion. Now I was in a frenzy, thrusting my cock in and out of her cunt, my intensity only matched by hers as she squealed with each thrust and fingered her clit. My hands were all over her, fondling her breasts roughly, pulling her head towards me to bruise her lips with mine, watching us in the mirrors, perfect for drinking in her body as we fucked. She came in a rush again and her knees buckled with the intense pleasure. I pulled her legs up and around my waist and old waman xxxgx continued to fuck her cunt, my own orgasm starting to build. She knew I was near and she was nowfocused directly on me. ’Fuck me baby, come on, fuck me with that gorgeous cock. I want your cum inside me, shoot it inside me baby. Oooh, you fuck me so good.’ I lost it. With an animal growl I buried my cock up to the hilt in her and exploded. My orgasm seemed to last forever as my cum jetted into her. We were both spent. I lifted her into my arms and carried her back to the bed where we lay down together, kissing and caressing before drifting off into sleep.