Free period

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Free period

Class B were bored, it was a free period at Scunthorpe high grammar school (the citizenship teacher had flu so sent his class a note telling them to do what they wanted).Emma was talking to Matt.

"How much money you got at the moment?" Matt asked.
"I'm skint!" Emma said
"How come?" Asked Matt
"Just spend loads on a new bike and haven't got anything left," She replied
"I don't suppose you"d give me owt?" She begged.
"I'll give you a tener if you give me a blowjob!" Joked Matt
"OK!" Agreed Emma agreed to Matt's surprise.

She threw off Matt's socks and shoes and slid off his boxers to expose his .
"Wow!" Was all Emma could say.
She fell to her knees and started slowly sucking Matts cock, her long black hair fell in front of her face, she brushed it back with one sweep of her hands.
"You"re so good at this," Matt said

This was just the encouragement Emma needed and she quickened the pace that she slid Matt's hard cock in and out of her mouth.
His cock turned hard as steel between her heavenly lips.

The whole class had stopped talking and were all now watching Emma take Matts cock in her mouth. Sam felt his hands sliding down his boxers to relive his erect cock; Millie the girl sat next to him saw him and smiled.
"Want me to relive you?" Asked Millie

Of course Sam agreed and before he knew it he had Millie's fat lips around his cock.He was loving seeing Millie's beautiful face bobbing up and down. She sexy licked his head with the tip on her tongue now and again Chris turned to Pauline and gave her a pleading look, without saying anything Pauline slid her black hands down Chris's boxers and grabbed on to his dick. She pulled down his trousers and laid him down on the desk and lowering her lips to his big stiff cock. He moaned and groaned as Pauline sucked him off.Kerian virtually tore off his uniform to expose his cock. Lydia sat under him and slid his cock into her wide open mouth. Vicky went over to Tyler and gave him a sexy smile.
"I'll give you a bj if you return the favour," She said

Tyler couldn't believe his secret girlfriend was about to give him head and he stripped to the skin within the same minute. Tyler sat down on his chair and slid in and out of Vicky's mouth. Lucy went across to Aaron and without saying anything pulled down his boxers and stroked his cock with her tongue. Jamie was ambushed by Sophie and Harriet who held him down and took off all his clothes and Sophie sucked his cock while Harriet stroked his balls. He was being tortured by two of his sexist classmates. Tim, Connor, Tristan, Mark and Daniel were all also seduced. All the boys soon had a pair of lips around their cocks and all the girls had a cock in their mouths. Matt's balls tightened and he started moaning like mad, Emma knew he was about to cum so she stood back with her mouth open. Matt groaned as he shot his load into her mouth.

"Nice one!" she said as she savoured his juices.
Soon the others had almost reached their destination.

"Look what you"ve done to me! Sam moaned as he felt cum trickling round the inside of his cock, ready to shoot out.
Millie replied "It's a pleasure!"
Sam emptied his balls into Millie's mouth and Chris shot his juices onto Pauline's stomach, she licked them up instantly. He almost instantly hardened seeing his classmate taste his fresh cum. Tyler's cock went mad as he came all over the place and Jamie allowed both his girls to taste his juices.

"I love you so much," cooed Matt as he swapped places with Emma. She squirmed as he slid his tongue into her hole and rubbed her cit with his small fingers. He was enjoying her as much as she had enjoyed him. Lucy sat on Aarons face and he stuck his tongue up her and Sam licked Millie out. Vicky laid on the table as Tyler than her caressed her pussy with her fingers and his mouth. He wanted to make her love him like he loved her. She was writhing like a snake as he felt his way round her . Lucy had Aaron's rough tongue exploring her like a jungle.

By now all the girls were squirming as the boys who they had just sucked off, ate them out. Harriet screamed as she came in Jamie's mouth, he tasted her and she tasted good.
"You taste good!" Cooed Jamie as he savoured her juices.
Pauline's and Vicky's juices ran all over Chris and Tyler. Matt was made by Emma to lick all her cum off the desk. She smiled as he took up all her juices in his mouth.

"Wanna go a bit further?" Sam asked Millie as he French kissed her.
"Sure," Millie replied "I wanna make you cum again!" She laughed.
Slowly she let Sam slide his into her as she grabbed onto the table.
"This might hurt a tad," He said
Soon his hard cock was getting closer to take her virginity.

Millie gritted her teeth as he slid through her hymen. She started feeling the pleasure soon after. "Oh yeah!" She cooed as he quickened the pace.
Chris had Pauline in a doggie and she was screaming as he did her from behind. He and already torn her hymen and his monster was sliding in and out of her, only slowing as Chris's balls tightened.Aarron crept into Lucy's as he lay on top of her. Vicky stayed lying down as a standing Tyler slid his cock into her monster pussy.Jamie was getting ready to cum again after doing Sophie.
"I'm gonna cum!" He moaned
"Cum inside me!" Sophie said" I wanna feel you!" She added

Jamie moaned as he blasted out into Sophie's pussy, she loved feeling him orgasm in her. She stood up and his cum and hers dripped out of her hole. Chris shot his load in Pauline full force and Sam and Millie both came at the same time. Millie gave Sam a dirty look as they both kissed each other passionately.
"I love you!" Millie groaned
"I love you too!" Sam replied

The members of class B were lying around the classroom covered in each others juices, panting, unable to believe what had just happened. But no one wanted it to end yet. Matt had an idea of what to do next. He stood up and spoke to the class.
"Listen, why don't we have a Cumming race?" He said
"What da ya mean," Lydia asked

"Right, you all get a different partner and first the girls wank the boys off. Then once you"ve made them cum, they turn you over and finger your pussy. The winner is the first one to have had both partners cum," Matt explained
Echoes of "Good idea!" and "Wow, sound cool!" rang out from across the room.

An excited Chris grabbed a still panting Emma and dragged her over to the wall were they were going to have a Cumming race. Sam and Pauline sat together. Millie was going to make Tyler cum, Jamie partnered himself with Vicky, Lucy was with Kieran and Matt was going to finger Lydia. They all sat along a wall at the back of the room poised to start, Girls all had their hands on the boys cocks ready to wank them off.

"Ready, steady, go!"Shouted Matt and at once girl's hands started going up and down on boy's cocks at the speed of light. All the boys were moaning and groaning as they were all wanked off. Looks of extreme pleasure quickly spread to their faces. Sam felt Pauline's hand jerking his stiff cock.Pauline loved Sams cock getting hard in her hand; she wanted to blow his mind. Matt had Lydia's hands dapped over his , he quietened as he got near climax.
Tyler was in seventh heaven as he was pleasured by Millie, he was going to cum soon he knew that.

"Don't stop it's so nice!" He moaned, Millie smiled as if to answer his question. Aaron's balls stiffened as he got ready to shoot his load.
"Shit, I'm going cum!" Groaned Aaron as his juices gushed all over Sophie.
"You're turn to feel me up," said Sophie as Aaron lay in front of her gapping hole. She recoiled as he inserted two fingers one by one into her and at the same time used another to rub her cit. By now Sam, Jamie, Tyler, Matt, Chris and xnxxv sunny leone video Kieran had all cum and were now fingering their partners. Matt was moving his fingers rapidly round inside Lydia, she moaned when he found her g spot and started to feel it up. She was in total ecstasy. All the girls were loving being felt up by their classmates and were getting near the point of orgasm.
"Jamie, I love you!" Vicky cried as she orgasmed and moments later she came into his expecting mouth. Despite the race being won, all the other boys carried on fingering their girls. They wanted to make them cum.Kerian knew Lucy was about to orgasm and positioned his mouth on her tight pussy.She came, sending her juices into his mouth; she smiled as he enjoyed them.

"Wow that was epic!" Kieran said
"I know, you tasted so good!" Lucy replied
"I loved making you cum!"Kerian added
Sam took up the juices from Pauline's black pussy and Chris savoured Emma's fresh cum.Aaron, Tyler and Matt all had their mouths filed as well.
"What's the prize for the winner?" Jamie asked a gasping Matt
"You get to decide what to do next," Matt smiled.

Jamie thought for a minute before deciding what to do, he gave a dirty smile as he thought of an amazing idea. It was basically a game of musical statues except fucking not dancing. Each girl had to fuck a boy to music but when the music stopped everyone had to stop, if anyone moves they are out. Pairs that are out have to 69 eachother.The winning boy gets pleasured by all the girls apart from the winning girl who gets pleasured by all the boys. The class thought it was a great idea and they all found themselves a partner. Millie went back to Sam, Chris stayed with Emma, and Matt was with Lucy, Tyler with Sophie, Aaron with Lydia, Jamie with Pauline and Kieran with Vicky. They all sat against the wall they were against last time and got in position, Harriet was in charge of the music.
"Go!" She shouted and everyone suddenly started fucking as Rudeboy blared out of the speakers. Millie was riding Sams .She was clearly enjoying him. Aaron was spooning Lydia and Jamie had Pauline in a missionary. Tyler and Sophie were panting furiously as she rode him while he felt her tits with his hands and mouth

"Loving it Pauline!" Jamie said as the pace got faster. Suddenly the music stopped as Harriet pressed the pause button. Jamie accidentally moved his leg.
"Out Jamie!" Called Harriet
"What!" Moaned Jamie as he reluctantly went to the other end of the classroom with Pauline ready to 69. He laid down on a desk and Pauline positioned herself ready to suck his cock. She smiled as he pleasured her with his rough tongue and to thank him started bobbing up and down on his cock.

The music started again and the fucking restarted. Soon Tyler, Matt, Aarron and Kieran were out, and were all locked in a 69. The music started for the final time as Millie rode Sams cock and Chris did Emma from behind.
Chris's huge dick slid in and out of Emma who was moaning and groaning with the pleasure. Meanwhile everyone else was 69ing at the front of the room, girls sucking of their partners cocks while being eaten out at the same time. The music stopped and Harriet waited for someone to move.

"Oh no!" Chris moaned as him and Emma collapsed on the floor, Sam and Millie kissed in celebration and then separated in anticipation.

Millie lay down on the carpet as the others finished their 69's and all the boys came over to her and stood poised ready to blow her mind. Matt stuck his tongue in her pussy and moved around inside her, she screamed at the sensation of his tongue feeling her up. Aaron and Jamie stuck their cocks in her face, she laughed. The other boys stood wanking around her. Hands sliding up and down on their own cocks.

Meanwhile Sam was being sucked of by Lydia and Emma was sat on his face being licked out.Harriet, Pauline, Vicky and Harriet stood fingering themselves. He was relishing watching them pleasure themselves. By now Matt was slamming his hard cock into Millie's tight pusssy. She writhed at the sensation of his cock sliding and out of her.
"Enjoying me?" Asked Millie, sensing Matt was about to Cum.
"Like you wouldn't belive!"Matt replied. The boys who were jerking themselves were also about to climax and squirt cum onto Millie's teenage tits.
"Thwwahhh!"Matt groaned as he shot his load up into Millie. She came noisily seconds later, dumping her load. Matt licked her out, tasting her cum.
"Ahhhhh!" Moaned Aaron as he also came on to her tits. Moments later Chris emptied his Balls onto Millie and Tyler and Kieran simultaneously shot their loads.

Millie chuckled to herself as the boy's licked each others cum off her , massaging them at the same time.
Lydia rode Sams cock like a cowgirl riding a bucking stallion and the others were near Cumming again. Suddenly Lydia and Sam climaxed at the same time sending cum flying into Lydia's pusssy and the other girls all moaned as they let their juices go.
"I love your cock!" Lydia smiled letting Sams nuzzle her tits. Everyone lay on the floor panting and moaning.

Sam went over to Millie and whispered something in her ears; she gave a wicked smile and licked her lips at the same time. After they had explained their idea to the class, they put their idea into action. Aaron and Sam grabbed Vicky, Kieran and Tyler made for Sophie, Chris was grabbed by Harriet and Millie,

Lydia and Emma went over to Jamie and Lucy and Pauline went with Matt.
Sam laid down on his back and Vicky started sucking his cock, bobbing up and down, slipping it in and out of her mouth while she laid on her front. Aaron positioned himself ready to slam his hard cock into Vicky's tight pussy. He slid it in, she recoiled in pleasure.
"Ohhhh!"She moaned. Aaron smiled; he knew he was blowing her mind.

Millie was sat on Chris's appreciating face and was being eaten out while he was given a blowjob by Harriet. Her mouth was filed with his huge hard cock. The three smallest in the class, Kerian, Tyler and Sophie where having the time of their lives. She was sucking Kieran off and the switched to an expectant Tyler then back real forced anal against her will to Kieran and so on. Lydia fingered herself while Jamie had his mind blown by Emma.

He face fucked her, making her take all his cock in her mouth. Lydia finished masturbating and went over to Jamie and made him suck her out while still being cock sucked by Emma. Matt was jerking his huge cock while Pauline and Lucy slid their fingers into their pussies. They were watching each other feel themselves up. They all stopped. Lucy positioned her hand on his cock and started sliding it up and down; he beckoned for Pauline to sit on his face. She smiled as she felt his tongue feel round her tight hole.

"Jesus!" Was all Sam could manage as he came everywhere; Vicky was an amazing dick sucker. Seconds later Aaron shot his load in her, moaning and groaning. She smiled to herself; she could make two boys cum in just four minutes.
"Wanna return the favour guys?" She asked pleadingly
As if to answer her question, Aaron kneeled down in front of her and started drawing the alphabet on her cit, she was loving it. Sam started nuzzling her perfect tits; he sucked her erect nipples while at the same time jerking himself off.
Chris shoved his hard cock into Harriet Pussy doggie style, she moaned in pleasure at feeling his monster maul her. Millie smiled dirtily as she watched Chris fuck her friend. His hard cock slid in and out of Harriet's soaking wet pussy. Sophie was being pleasured by Tyler's expert hands while Kieran nuzzled her teenage tits.

"Shit Tyler, you"re amazing!" She cried as she emptied herself all over his cute face.

She moved onto her side as Tyler stood ready to do her up the arse and Kieran slammed into her . She was loving the sensation of being fucked in two holes. Kieran slid in and out of her pussy while Tyler pushed into her cute ass.
Jamie slid his hard dick in and out of Lydia's pussy missionary style. Lydia was being turned taken to the moon and back by him sliding in and out of her and Emma was also being seriously being turned on watching her friend fucking Jamie. Matt had his cock deep in Pauline's tight ; she loved his cock filling her hole. He wanted to make her cum like never before.

By now Vicky had cum and had her juices taken up by a grateful Aaron. Sam then pushed his hard cock into her freshly wet pussy, she groaned when she felt it slide fully in, filling her whole pussy. Aaron had his stiff cock ready to do her in her other hole. He crept in slowly, then quicker. By now Vicky knew she was going to get fucked like never before. She screamed as they slid in and out of her holes. Sophie was about to climax after being done in both her holes and so were Tyler and Kieran.
"I don't know about you two, but I'm fucked! Sophie said

"I'm going to shoot my load up your pussy!" Kieran replied, Sophie smiled, Tyler said nothing.
"Oh my good!" Sophie screamed sending her juices down her pussy on Kieran's cock.

Then Tyler shot his load up her tight ass and at the same time, Kieran came in her pussy. Sophie loved feeling cum shooting up her ass and her pussy.
"That was epic!" Tyler remarked
"I'll say," Kieran replied
"I'll never forget this guys!" Sophie added, kissing them both and caressing their cocks. At the same time Chris (who had been ridden by Millie for five minutes) groaned as he emptied his balls into Millie. Soon both their cums were dripping out of her pussy. Harriet smiled as she watched both her friends climax. Emma was resting against a display while being fucked by an ecstatic Jamie.
"It's cumming Emma!" He hinted as his balls tightened.
"I'm about done as well," She replied.

"Enjoying each other?" Lydia asked, Jamie and Emma smiled answering her question.
Jamie smiled as his cock went wild in her and shot his load. He positioned his mouth against her pussy cheeks, moments later she screamed as she sent her juices flowing into Jamie's open mouth. She smiled as he tasted both their juices.
Matt moaned as he came in Lucy's tight pussy, she came all over his semi erect cock.
They kissed passionately, feeling each other before collapsing backwards in exhaustion.

"Phwwoah!" Sam moaned as he came up Vicky's pussy hole. She screamed as she also came seconds later. Aaron groaned as he shot his load up Vicky's .
"Wow that was awesome!" She moaned to moan
Aaron and Sam kneeled at her feet licking Sams and her juices from her soaking wet pussy. They gave her a sexy, cum filed smile.

The members of class B lay exhausted around the cum filed classroom. They couldn't believe what had happened. The girls had had all their holes filed and their pussies were all soaking wet. The boys had all been sucked off and emptied their balls numerous times.
"Wow!" Was all Matt could say as he slipped a crimson tener into Emma's hands.