Rick Kobe

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Rick Kobe

Disclaimer: this story is not true and does not implicate anything about the stars real sexuality. And is copyrighted by the author Me.

Rick & Kobe

This indian santali xvideo all started one week after the Lakers had just won there 3rd championship title in a row and the players were free to do whatever they wanted to do. So all the players had gone back to there homes to visit there families, and Kobe was just sitting at home chilling and had nothing to do because vanessa had went to visit her mother for a week. So kobe had nothing planned so he thought he might go out to the club later on tonight and just chill, but he just didnt want Vanessa to find out because she gets jealous because all these /women/">women start to hit on her husband. At (6-7) 210 pounds I wouldnt blame her she had her rights.

So he took a shower got all cleaned up shaved, put some aftershave on, got his self dressed in a pair of black pants and a white and black armani shirt and Stacy adams shoes he was ready for a night on the town. He gets in his car and drives down to the hottest club in Los Angeles and you know when fans saw him drive up they were flawking over him both men, and women. He didnt mind all the fans he was kind of turned on even by the guys, he gets in he didnt even have to pay a cover charge because he was famous and plus he was looking so hot. He was there about an hour he danced and talked to some fans for a wild when he turns and bumps in to the hottest guy on the team Rick Fox.

He was always attracted to Rick and often admired his semi - hairy body, they were surprised to see each other at the same club on the same night and it was almost 10:30 and rick was still here because they often called him the father of the team because he was in his 30 s, they talked for a little while about what they had been doing since they went on break. Then they decided to get together later on for the /wrestling/">wrestling match on tv later on, they decided to go to kobes house since it was closer. They got there and rick got his spare clothes that he always carries along and went inside, he got inside and they sat down and kobe offered him a beer and they were sitting there sipping on beer and talking then rick asked for a look at his new rec room so they went upstairs and rick brought his clothes along they got to the room and rick was surprised at how beautiful the room looked and they played some pool and kobe couldnt help but steal looks at Ricks ass.

So they played for an hour Rick always winning because Kobe was to busy thinking about Rick that he couldnt concentrate. So Rick asked kobe where was the nearest bathroom because he had forgot where it was so kobe told him that he could change in his room with him because all the bathrooms and there being redecorated and they looked a mess Rick didnt think anything of it because they changed in front of each other all the time. So kobe showed him to his bedroom
where they started changing kobe started alain lyle porn to take his shoes and shirt off and he saw that rick was already in to his boxers and he thought to himself that he better hurry up because Rick might find out that all that time kobe was standing there just watching him change so kobe hurriedly took off his pants and went to the drawer and started to look for a pair of shorts he found his lakers uniform shorts and threw them on then he looked over and saw that Rick was wearing the same thing but with a shirt he said old man take off that shirt it is 96 degrees out side and you is finst to burn up so he said fine then so the 2 guys headed back down stairs.

They sat down and decided to play cards because the wrestling match didnt start for another hour. They started out playing poker and that became kind of boring so Rick said lets raise the stakes and kobe said what do you have in mind, the loser has to strip and then suck the others cock and so kobe said i dont know but he really wanted to play because he really wanted to suck Ricks dick. So he said maybe rick is gay because he wouldnt of asked him to play if he wasnt or maybe he was playing a prank on him but he didnt care as long as he might of had a chance of maybe sucking ricks cock. So you know who won as rick slipped off his shorts and got down on his knees and Kobe said rick you dont have to suck my dick, but rick didnt want to let his end of the bargain down as if he had won he would of wanted his dick sucked.

So he slid Kobes shorts off his legs and smelled Kobes crotch and he found out how good it smelled. Then he leaned down some more and put the head in his mouth and Kobes dick was already hard from the excitement, Kobe started moaning really loud and saying yeah baby suck my dick you cocksucker and by then Rick had the whole 9 inches in his mouth and was sucking harder now and so then he got off his dick and led him to his own bedroom and bent him over the bed and started to lick his ass wildly like an animal and kobe was screaming because it felt so good. He asked where his lube was and he said in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and so he came back with the lube opened it and put some on his dick and in Kobes nice little pink hole. And he flipped kobe over on his back and put his legs as far as he could get them towards his chest and then he asked him had he ever been fucked before and he said yeah by who a let me see by Shaq and Jaleel White. Well they havent tore your ass up like Im finst too. So Kobe asked you going to fuck me bareback and Rick responded I would fuck you with a hat on but i want you to feel me when I cum after I fuck your brains out. So he stuck the head and started to push and he pushed to the hilt before he stopped for kobe to adjust to the size then he started fucking him real slow and then he told kobe to put his legs on his shoulders and then he started to speed up the pace until he was screaming his name. then he speeded up the pace some more until he came 6 spurts of /ass/ass-cum/cum-in-his-ass/">cum in his ass it was so much that it started to run out of his ass. And then Kobe started screaming he was going to cum, then Rick leaned down leaving all his 11 inches inside his ass and sucked Kobes dick until he came. Then he pulled out of Kobes ass and kissed kobe on the lips and let his tongue explore Kobes mouth and they got up and went and took a nice strawberry bubble bath and they washed each other up
and got out and dried each other off and went and got in the bed cuddled and watched the wrestling match and wondered what it would be like to fuck all of there brains out. Fuck those women because I want me a nice /thick/thick-cocks/long-thick-cock/">long thick cock.
And Rick decided to stay the night because Vanessa(Williams) was out of state.
And besides Him And Kobe had some more business to take care of.

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