Put an Idol Mouth to Work starring Eva

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Put an Idol Mouth to Work starring Eva

As a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who has been dedicated to making music for many years, I don?t much care for these big national competitions that crown singers as national treasures. I mean, singers are a dime a dozen. And so it was that when my ex-girlfriend won such a competition and suddenly became a household name and instant millionaire, I was one who was not particularly happy. It?s not that I wish her poorly. It?s just that, other than having a pretty voice made fantastic by amazing state-of-the-art sound systems, a pretty face made beautiful by make-up, and, admittedly, a gorgeous little ass made even more so by tight (really tight) designer jeans, I don?t think she?s all that special. I?ve been told I have an amazing voice; I also am a highly-competent guitarist, pianist, and harmonica-player; and I have written hundreds of songs. So where?s my easy fame?

I admit, I also hold a bit of a grudge against Eva. We started dating when she was eighteen and I was twenty-six. I had a moderately successful band and we wanted a back-up female vocalist. Eva was shy, but a friend convinced her to try out, and there was something about her I liked. She definitely had a stage-presence. And, as I said, her skin-tight jeans definitely were a draw for me. Strategically standing a bit behind her and to the side when on stage, I grew to really love that /sweet/sweet-ass/">sweet ass, and eventually, we became an item. I respected her, though, so I didn?t push for any sex until after she was eighteen. But even then, she resisted, even though we?d been together for two years and she knew I?d put my life entirely on hold for her for two years. I understood why she wouldn?t want inter-course, due to the risk of pregnancy.

?But what about a little blowjob?? I pleaded, some time after she?d moved into my apartment to get away from her parents.

?Yuck!? she answered.

Imagine my /surprise/">surprise, therefore, when one day I came home early and unexpected to find her, on her knees in our living room (wearing her tightest jeans), happily blowing the band?s drummer. I stood there at the door, silently watching her deep throat this guy and lick and suck him, as if she were enjoying a popsicle. I waited until after she?d swallowed his load and was licking him clean to cough and thereby announce my presence. She was startled when she saw me, but it was her who scolded me later for having not said anything and having just stood there watching. Believe it or not, my girlfriend, who?d I?d just discovered having her mouth willingly porked by a member of my own band, was scolding me.

I truly might have forgiven her and moved on, however, had she not insisted that the blowjob I?d caught her doing was ?a one-time thing,? so I still was out of luck in terms having my own cock sucked. Eventually, she ditched the band to ?pursue a solo career? and I asked her to move out; but not before making arrangements for her to meet an agent who might help her. She never thanked me. I later found out she blew the agent too.

What a little slut!

So, when I heard about her entering the national singing competition, making it out of the city, then out of the region, then into the final twenty, and then winning the whole Goddamn thing, I admit that I was bitter. I also continued to be turned on by the picture in my head of her on her knees, in tight jeans, sucking some guy off, and often masturbated to that image.

Eventually, as her singing career was taking off, exponentially, I came up with a plan so I could have that same wonderful picture of her not just in my head, but for real. Little did I know how wonderfully this little joke of mine would pan out!

I knew that Eva was coming back to her hometown to do a big concert at a sold-out auditorium. Hell! She sold out in minutes! So I contacted her and told her that? no hard feelings? I wanted to throw a /party/big-party/">big party for her at my place. I had invited all former band members too, including that drummer she?d feasted on. She took the bait. And when she showed up wearing the tightest, light blue 5-pocket designer jeans, 2-inch heels and a skimpy blue top? presumably to make me feel really bad that I?d told her to move out? everything was perfect!

Now, Eva always had been a /good/good-girl/">good girl? but she had done an occasional drug and occasionally got a bit tipsy with alcohol. I had it all planned. I kept feeding her drinks laced with an aphrodisiac, and then had her snort ?a little bit of fun stuff?. I knew she?d get a bit /crazy/">crazy. But she didn?t! She got REALLY crazy! I figured she?d go off somewhere to blow her drummer boy in a back room, where I?d sneak in to take pictures. But, to my amazement, I watched her as she kneeled to blow her favorite drummer right in the middle of the living room, as she?d done before, but this time with thirty or so other partygoers watching. And when a couple of other guys stepped out with their wangs out, she started blowing all three at once. Her mouth popping from one to the next to the next and then back again. I already had my digital camera ready to capture some candid shots on the sly. But when she spotted me, she didn?t stop. Instead, she started posing for me, looking straight into my camera with dicks in her mouth. At this, I handed my digital off to another guy, ran upstairs, and then returned with my videocam. Eva seemed delighted. She put on an amazing show, deep throating all three of these guys while the crowd, including about twenty other guys and several girls Eva?s age, cheered her on. She even opened her mouth up wide to show both cameras the huge sea of cum her tongue was bathing in before swallowing it. And then she waved in another guy to take the place of the guy who?d just emptied his load.

To the continued cheers of everyone in the room, especially the other girls, Eva blew every man, except for me. One after another after another, men stepped up to the plate and whipped their bats out. Eva?s mouth invariably was on some other cock, but her eyes acknowledged each new player. And soon her mouth was wrapped around someone new. But her eyes largely were on the cameras. The other cameraman and I gave her instructions ? how deep to go; which camera to look at; when to jut out her white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie little bum for the camera ? and she followed them all. She loved all the attention she was getting, and all the praise? especially how pretty she looked with a cock in her mouth, and how amazing her bum looked in those jeans. She even seemed to love it when I called her a cock-sucking little whore, maybe because of how I was smiling and laughing when I said it.

Later, she?d claim it was the alcohol and drugs that made her do all this; but she never once denied she?d had fun.

But when she got to me, as the last man, she just told me that she was too tired. She needed a bit of a break. Then she just passed out on my couch, and slept until noon the next day. When she woke up, she seemed to remember at least most of what had gone on the night before. But, when I asked her politely if she?d blow me, too, since she?d blown everyone else, to my chagrin, she again refused, saying she had to go. She didn?t seem upset that she?d blown all these guys in public. She just couldn?t find time for me.

The slut!

I spent the next few days stewing over her most recent slight of me. Finally, in a fit of anger, I sent a copy of Eva?s video to a porn producer I?d heard of. Maybe he could use this stuff.

I hadn?t expected the huge backlash that occurred. Eva?s first porn video was released everywhere within a week, and every newspaper and /celebrity/">celebrity magazine jumped on the story. Eva?s porn video was front page news. Embarrassed by this publicity, those who had crowned her the country?s newest singing star stripped of her title. Her record was pulled from stores and her record label cancelled her contract. Her world had collapsed.

I thought Eva would kill me; but she didn?t. A couple of months later, she arrived at my door looking like death warmed over. She said she was broke? and addicted to drugs. She wanted help. I told her she could live with me again, but I couldn?t buy her drugs; I didn?t make that much money as a struggling songwriter with a band. She pleaded with me to help her contact that same porn producer who?d made her first film; she needed to make money and wanted to make another film.

I offered to help her find other work, but she said no. She?d tried, and everyone seemed afraid to hire her.

?You?re sure you want to make another porn film?? I asked her, in disbelief.

She nodded. ?Just blowjobs,? she insisted. ?I don?t want to be fucked.?

She also told me that she was working as an escort for a local agency, and wondered if she could ?occasionally? take a call in my apartment.

?Almost all the calls are outcalls,? she said; ?but the agency insists the girls have a place for an occasional in-call.?

I felt badly for what my video had done to her, so I agreed.

Her first night in my apartment, she put on her tightest jeans and highest heels, fixed up her make-up for over an hour, and went out five times to do calls, all of them blowjobs. That night and from then on, she insisted she never undressed totally. Mostly, she stayed fully dressed, in tight jeans or pants and heels. Sometimes, she stripped down to bra, nylon or satin bikini panties, and heels. But she still did not want to be fucked. They could /mouth/mouth-fuck/fuck-her-mouth/">fuck her mouth as much as they wanted; she?d even had a few guys pull her panties aside and fuck her ass for a bit before shoving their cocks back into her mouth. But her cunt was off limits.

A few nights later, I watched and took digital pictures through a hidden hole in the wall as she kneeled (in jeans, heels and top) to blow a huge black dude. He didn?t want to use a condom, so she blew him without one and swallowed his entire load. He promised to return with some of his buddies, and she told him that would be great. Sure enough, a few days later, she was in there with four black dudes, this same guy and three of his friends, while she was dressed in an old blue, yellow and white cheerleader outfit from high school. They all did the /mouth/ass-mouth/ass-to-mouth/">ass to mouth thing, and she played along happily. They left her blue nylon panties on her, just pulling it over to the side and then replacing it when they were done; though sometimes she had one guy down her throat and one guy up her ass at the same time.

Eva does blow me now, every day, at least once. I?ve asked her if she misses singing, and she repeatedly surprises me by saying no. Her fourth gang-bang /movies/blowjob-movie/">blowjob movie is coming out next week and she?s very excited. And she seems to be enjoying life as an escort more and more. She?s cut way down on her drugs, but still owes tons of money for past use. And she?s always buying new clothes and make-up for her clients, so she always looks nice. So she works 4 days a week for the agency, and two nights a week on the street for some pimp named Al, and still expects to be doing all this for several more years yet. On Agency days, she gets up at noon and showers and spends an hour or so making sure her hair and make-up are perfect. I love watching her as she bends forward in the mirror, as she?s usually only wearing nice satin panties, a bra and heels. Later, she?ll pull on one of her many pairs of jeans, stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv or a nice pair of pants (she has nice, front pleated, formal black ones and similar pairs in other colors, like grey, white and light blue) or shorts; and a /cute/">cute top. Then she anxiously waits. She never waits long, as the agency keeps her quite busy. She?s always very happy to get a call.

On street days, her pimp picks her up as soon as it?s dark. She dresses in especially tight jeans and especially high heels on these nights, and wears a bit too much make-up, so that she truly looks like a street whore. This is a far cry from the girl-next-door image she tried to portray on the cover of her first and only album; but she?s happy with her new image, and it suits her well.

I have a huge number of pictures of her ?at work? ? some with her kneeling in the next room (shot using hidden cameras even she doesn?t know the location of); some of her standing on street corners waiting for Johns; some downloaded from the website where her videos are sold or from the thousands of other sites that carry her pictures. I purposely leave these pictures lying all over the apartment. I often catch her leafing through them, with genuine interest. As with me, her favourites are those with her in her jeans, showing her /sweet/">sweet ass and her cock-filled mouth at the same time... and of course those pix of her in her little cheerleader outfit, when she was doing that ass-to-mouth thing for almost 2 hours with those 4 big black dudes.

Recently, I was in an adult book store and there was a full page picture of Eva - in the exact same jeans, top and heels that she wore in all her music promo pictures - on the cover of an XXX-rated magazine. I bought several copies and brought them home for her. She was so pleased, she even sent a copy home to her parents, so they can frame it and hang it next to the old picture of her, wearing the same outfit, on the cover of Music World. In both pictures, Eva?s big brown eyes, full of fun, are staring straight into the camera. It?s just that, in the latest version, Eva?s jeans are extra tight from her being on her knees; her gorgeous ass is fully visible from the side; and, instead of singing into a microphone, her mouth is lovingly wrapped around a huge black prick that is several inches down her throat.