The Mail Lady

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
The Mail Lady

Ive been talking to the mail lady for years at my apartment complex... It started out very friendly. We would talk for a few minutes every day when she delivered the mail. She was very sexy... She was married, about 45 years old. 55, around 130 pound, brown hair and eyes... 36Ctits..

It was a cold January afternoon when she was delivering the mail. She was about to finish up and take her lunch break... We got to talking, and I invited her into my apartment for lunch. She accepted.

She took off her coat and sat on my couch. Her shirt was tight, and I was starring at her large, beautiful breasts. She caught me and smiled. "You wanna see them?" She took off her shirt, under it she had a very sexy, black lace bra. She sat next to me and grabbed my hand and placed him on her bra..."you like how they feel? Take my bra off...my nipples are getting hard" Who am I to refuse that? So I took off her bra...Her nipples were large and hard. I started kissing her neck and moved toward her nipples. Once I got to her nipples, she started getting real horney and into it. She placed her hand on my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock and started rubbing it "Can he come out to play?," she said to me. "Of course," I replied to her. She unbutton my pants and pulled them off, along with my boxers. "Hmmm, hes has bigger than I imaginied" She started rubbing my cock with her hand. It felt sooo good. "Im sooo wet. Take off my pants and feel." I quickly slid off her pants. Her black lace panties were soaking wet. I slid them off and started fingering her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. It xxx sex video download free com was soo warm. "Let me suck that /cock/big-cock/">big cock" 

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I sat down on a chair, "Sit on my cock" She slid her pussy onto my cock. Her pussy was soo tight. It grabbed my cock. she started slowly bouncing up and down on my cock. I started sucking her nipples again. she began to speed up. she was fucking my /cock/cock-hard/">cock hard and fast. she felt sooo good. She cam over and over. I could feel it on my body dripping out. Finally, I pulled out and stuck it in her mouth. She sucked my cock and finally I came in her mouth. Sheswallowed every last drop of cum.

After she was finished, she got up, got dressed, and went back to her mail route. We have lunch almost every other day now.