A quiet weekend

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A quiet weekend

At last the weekend they had been waiting for arrived. No work, no kids, no plans. Just drive to a small country hotel, book into their room and have fun!
It was nearly 9 o?clock before they got there, and the kitchen was long since closed. Not really caring they decided to have a couple of drinks then go up to their room for an early night.
The bar was xxx nearly deserted, with just an elderly couple sitting in the corner and a guy on his own sat further down the bar. After the long drive the first couple of drinks slipped down very easily, and combined with the lack of food they both started feelling just a little tipsy.
?You staying here?? It was the guy along the bar from them.
?Yep, just for the weekend. You??
?Just tonight. I?m Dave by the way?
?Pete. And this is my wife Jill?

Pete was a little irritated that this man had started talking to them. He knew he was only being friendly, but he had planned on dragging Jill upstairs to take advantage of her while she was in such a good and flirty mood. He was desperately trying to catch her eye to indicate what he had in mind without making it too obvious to Dave.

She was oblivious to his efforts at silent communication and simply asked him to get some more drinks in. Dave jumped in at this and insisted on buying a round. Oh great, thought Pete, now we?re going to be stuck chatting to him all night. It wasn?t that Pete didn?t think he seemed a decent enough bloke, it was simply that right now he wanted to be upstairs shagging his wife.

Jill didn?t seem to have quite the same agenda as him, and she was chatting away to Dave like he was an old family friend. After a couple more rounds she was starting to get very flirty with Dave, emphasising her points by patting his legs, and getting more and more risqu? in the topics of conversation.

?I need to pay a visit? said Pete, hoping to break up the conversation. ?Are we going up to the room or should I go down here??
?Go down here, darling. I?m not ready for bed yet? she giggled.
Pete dragged himself off to the gents, his mood getting more and more downbeat. This wasn?t quite what he?d had in mind for the weekend. As he came out of the gents he looked across to the bar to see Jill leaning forward to whisper in Dave?s ear. He couldn?t help noticing that she had placed her hands on his thighs to balance herself.

When he got back to the bar she leaned back slightly, but made no attempt to move her hands away from Dave?s thighs. In fact he was sure he could see a sign of slight movement as though she was caressing them. He knew that this should really be annoying him, but was more than a little surprised to find that it was actually quite exciting. This was all unknown territory for him, so he decided to play along a bit further and see where things went.

He realised very well the irony in his disappointment when Jill announced she was ready to go up to bed now. She leaned right forward again and gave Dave a lingering kiss goodnight and then grabbed Pete?s hand and led him up the stairs to their room.
The door had barely shut before they were locked in an embrace, their lips pressing feverishly against each other as they thrust their tongues into each others? mouth. Still pressed tightly against each other they edged towards the bed, before collapsing sideways onto it, still kissing and still holding tightly onto each other.

They broke apart to give themselves room to start undressing each other.
?You and Dave seemed to be getting on very well? said Pete, trying feebly to sound casual
?Oh we were? she replied ?you should feel how muscular his legs are. And you should have seen the bulge in his jeans when I stroked his thighs?.
He couldn?t believe he was hearing this. Even more he couldn?t believe how much it was turning him on.
?Well maybe you should have invited him back here, if he was that exciting?
?Actually I did. He should be here any second?

With perfect timing, and not giving Pete any time to properly register what he had just heard, Dave knocked at the door. Jill sprang up to go and let him in, dressed just in her stockings and /underwear/">underwear. Dave?s eyes nearly popped out of his head, and Pete could now see what Jill had meant about the bulge in his jeans.
?Am I interrupting??
?Not at all? said Jill with a wink, and grabbed Dave?s hand and led him over to the bed, where Pete, dressed in just his boxers, was struggling to get a grip on what was happening. He knew he should be furious with his wife for behaving like this, and yet he wasn?t. Being honest with himself he was finding the whole experience extremely erotic.

Jill bent down and gave him a long kiss, letting her hands wander slowly down his torso before sliding them inside the waistband of his boxers.
?You seem to be enjoying this, my love? she smiled as she wrapped her fingers around his /erection/">erection, and pulled it out over the top of his boxers. Pete was very aware of Dave standing there watching them, and he looked up to see him unbuttoning his shirt.
?Here let me help with that? said Jill, getting back up and undoing each button with deliberate slowness and letting her finger tips brush against his bare flesh as she did so.
?Don?t just sit there, come and help me?
?Come and help me undress our guest?
?You are joking??
?Not at all, and I will be ever so grateful? she pouted.
?What do you want me to do??
?You make a start on his jeans while I finish undoing his shirt?

Although his mind was telling him this was madness, his throbbing cock suggested otherwise. Pete looked up at Dave who smiled and nodded his approval at Jill?s suggestion.

Slowly getting up he went and stood next to his wife and this stranger and started to undo his belt, followed by the button on his waistband and finally his zip. As he lowered the zip the back of his hand brushed slightly against the bulge in Dave?s briefs, causing both men to let out a little moan.

Jill looked down at what was happening. ?Don?t stop? she ordered and Pete started to tug at the waistband of the jeans, slowly lowering them over Pete?s hips, until they fell to the floor. As he stepped out of them Jill manoeuvred him to the bed and made him lay down on his back. Pete watched as she removed his briefs, and took a sharp intake of breath when he saw how big and hard Dave was. He now fully removed his own boxers without taking his eyes of Jill?s hand which was now stroking up and down Dave?s cock. Jill beckoned him to join them with a flash of her eyes and he went and kneeled on the other side from Dave.

As he looked down she lowered her head and started to gently kiss the head of Dave?s cock, teasing it with her tongue, before bobbing down and taking about half of it into her mouth. As she moved her head back and forwards she cupped his balls and squeezed them with just enough pressure to make him gasp with pleasure.

Pete couldn?t believe how much this was turning him on, and he absent mindedly started to wank himself. Her head was starting to move faster and her hand was now wanking the lower part of his shaft. Just as it appeared that she was going to suck him till he came she stopped. ?Your turn?

He couldn?t wait to feel his wife?s soft warm mouth on his cock, but then quickly realised that he had misunderstood. She was still grasping the base of Dave?s cock and gesturing that it was his turn to give him a blow job. By now the excitement of the whole meeting had completely taken over and he lowered his head to tentatively take the tip into his mouth, looking into her eyes as he did so. She smiled encouragement, and soon he was sliding Dave?s cock in and out of his mouth, using his tongue to create extra pressure, and feeling Jill?s hand still wanking him.

Just as porn videos download he was wondering what to do if Dave started to cum Jill pulled his head away and asserted ?I want you in me?. Pete had to check who she was talking to, but was delighted that it was him. She directed him to swap places with Dave, and once he was laid out on his back she lowered herself onto him, gasping with pleasure as he slid into her soaking /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. As she started to ride him Dave?s fingers stroked at her clitoris and Pete could feel them against his cock as well as he slid in and out of his wife.
He could tell form Jill?s breathing that she was getting close to /climax/">climax, and he knew he wouldn?t be able to hold out much longer. Dave looked close to coming as well as his wanking got faster and harder. Without stopping his wanking he moved so that the end of his cock was now touching Pete?s lips. Seeing this Jill leaned forwards so that they were kissing each other around his glistening helmet.

This was too much for Dave who jerked his hips and started to spurt spunk all over both of their faces. They kept kissing, licking the white cream from each other?s face and tasting it as they kissed.
It was now Jill?s turn and as she shuddered through her orgasm the tightening of her pussy walls also pushed Pete over the top and he thrust repeatedly upwards as he shot his load into her. She rolled sideways off him and lay on her back with a contented smile on her lips. The smile suddenly changed to a look of /surprise/">surprise as she felt Dave starting to lick at her pussy, tasting their combined juices, and giving her another orgasm almost immediately. It was the /first-time/">first time all evening she had looked out of control, but by this stage nobody seemed to care.

Dave readily agreed to Pete?s suggestion that he stay the night, and soon Jill was drifting happily off to sleep between two naked men. Pete lay there a while longer, his mind racing over the events of the evening, but it wasn?t long before he too drifted off with a contented smile on his face.